Tuesday, 24 November 2015


No, I won't let you kill my people for your amusement anymore. 
No, I won't let you rule my world and make
it dirty like your own. 
You say, you do this for your religion, 
But tell me, which religion teaches you the
lesson of destruction. 
No, you are not the follower of God,
You follow the demons of your brain,
That make you destroy my peaceful world, every passing day. 
Lost a family, have you ever? 
Felt the pain, watching the bloodied rivers? 
Doesn't your heart cries, listening to the screams of a mother, who lost her little child?
Don't you feel ashamed of the deeds you do? 
Stop it! Stop it now! Be the human you were supposed to be. 
Change them! Change your thoughts, And let us live in our happy family peacefully. 
We have tolerated a lot, but now we won't. 
You will see how strong is our unity, that will make your evil desires fall. 
Raise your guns, shoot us, I will count your gunshots,
And in return we will give you the pain, you would have never thought of. 
You are just few and so are your bullets,
But we are in millions and our anger won't let you stand tall. 
We are not weak. We are not coward. 
We are humans and you will now see our power. 

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