Monday, 30 November 2015


"The place where I live, winter could be seen only through the hearts of the people that are cold enough to not feel anything", she said, when he asked her if she likes winter.
"Haven't you ever seen the true colors of winters", he asked, trying his best to give her a true smile.
"Colors of winter? All I have seen are the colors of humans that change like these unnoticed seasons. " she replied and he could feel the pain she had gone through and all he wanted was to make her pain go away.
"Forget everything, every wrong thing, hold my hand and I shall make you believe no season should ever be left unnoticed. Each season has its own ways to make you fall in love with it. And winter... Winter itself is the season of love. So smile and walk with me" he brought forward his hand and she held it without any delay. She wanted to smile but couldn't, for she didn't know how a smile looks like. But he was happy that now he has a small chance to give back all her lost happiness.
"I feel cold", she said looking up in his eyes, her cheeks flushed a perfect shade of pink. He felt she is blushing but it was yet another color of the season.
"Here. Take my jacket. This is the beginning of our winter journey, I don't want you to catch cold just at the beginning of it" he said with a smile and made her wear his jacket. "You know these silent long winter nights have a lot to speak, they just need good listeners like you and I." he looked into her eyes, there was something new he witnessed in them. The sadness they were carrying seemed to be decreasing and her lips curved up to form a smile. He immediately captured that smile in his camera. "See, this is an all new color of winter this year", he said when he made her watch her own picture in the screen.
"I am smiling", she spoke to herself. She had never came across this feeling before. She turned her face towards him and she felt a sudden warmth by the way he looked back at her. She had now begun to enjoy this adventure. She liked how the air felt with each step they took forward. The cool breeze and the music being played at a distance made the environment more serene. This season was now making her fall in love with it and her partner.
"Hey! Thinking something?" he asked, shaking her hand a bit.
"No" she smiled and shook her head. "You know, earlier I used to think it is just fog that winter brings with it and this fog hides everything. I too wished to hide behind the fog, alone, forever. Where no one could find me out and I could stay there, deeply immersed in my own thoughts" She spoke after a long silence.
He knew what her words meant, he didn't speak anything just tightened his grip in her hand, as if trying to say "You don't have to be sad anymore, my love will bring you all the happiness of the world".
They kept walking, watching the beauty of nature in the form of snow collected over the branches of trees. "Hot Chocolate?" he asked in excitement.
She grinned and shook her head in yes.
"Another amazing color of this season is it's food and nothing can beat the taste of delicious simmering food" he said handling her the cup of hot chocolate he bought and they both laughed. He felt he had now achieved what he wanted. Her eyes had a new aura, the sadness had now completely vanished and happiness was making its place. She looked at him and smiled. It was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.
"You are beautiful" he told her and her cheeks flushed red. This time it wasn't the season's color, he knew. And in that moment he wished he could cuddle with her under a warm cozy blanket and make her feel the warmth of love.
She came close and to his surprise, embraced him like this is what she had always wanted. 

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