Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Let me tell you a story today,

The story of our best friend who lives far away. 
One who has been watching over us since childhood,
Whose one glimpse has made our nights good. 
Yes yes, the moon he is. 
The happy looking bright  ball, our moon he is.
He seems to be happy, but in real he is not. 
He could also have a sad story, have you given it a thought? 
Long time back, he fell in love,
With a star, who was not like anyone of us.
She was the brightest star, in the big sky. 
Who stayed close to him, and who used to make the moon smile. 
She was his friend, she was his partner. 
She was the reason, for each one of his laughter. 
They wished to stay together till eternity, 
But their love story was also full of tragedy. 
There came a day, when a devil cursed their love, 
Soon there happened a blast in the Universe.
Some planets changed their locations, some stars got burst 
But what our moon faced, was the worst. 
His love got lost in all the chaos, 
He tried to find her in his world and across.
He was broken, he was sad. 
The universe, his home, now seemed to him like hell. 
But he had to be strong, he had to act wise. 
He was the night's glory, again, he had to rise.
Nights passed by, moon kept doing duty, 
But something was missing, it was his smile's beauty. 
And one day something impossible happened, 
Moon got to see his love in the dark blue yonder. 
She looked changed, different from what she used to be. 
She was no more a star, but she was now the earth, holding millions of lives, in it's affinity.