Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Hidden Love

"Day after the other passed, but he never returned back. He promised me he'll be back within 3 days and take me along with him. Today is the 7th anniversary of that day. Sometimes, I feel good that he didn't return. I've learnt to sleep in the dark and to stay alone without him. I've even started loving the people around me, but not more than how much I loved him. The people here are good or may be they just act good. They call me the Writing Lady. And I just smile when they address me this way. I've got a stack of diaries in my room. They say, I must get them published because they think I write stories in them. But nobody knows that I write my life in them. I write about him in those diaries. I write about the small hope I have of seeing him again, someday. I write about my illness.
Yesterday, my doctor came to check on me and asked me to stay strong. She has been repeating the same sentence everyday for all these years. And I've proved myself on her words. But now, it's the time. Living with Cancer for 7 years was really tough. The Writing Lady writes her final words today. I wish he cares to see me once I die."

I couldn't manage to stop my tears when I read the letter to his grave. He made me promise to not tell his wife where he disappeared. He said she'll not be able to take the shock. She kept thinking he betrayed her but never got to know he died in the accident just after admitting her in the hospital. He wanted her to stay strong and overcome her illness and I kept repeating his words to her. Nobody in the hospital told her about her husband's death, just to save her life. She should have known, he loved her a lot.

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